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 Thinking of all our musical family during this difficult time and know that everyone is doing it tough ! 

As for the Falling Joys, we have found some tour t-shirts from the vault for sale ! These include a free download of our last tour single 'Can't take 'em back.'

 Please visit my t-shirt store on this website and love and thanks from the Joys for your support x

BOWDOWN PODCAST - second series released !

My wonderful sister Jennifer Higgie, has recently released her second series of Bow down podcast, off the success of her instagram (same name) where she explores the lives of women artists from all fields and periods. 

Bow Down – the podcast about significant female artists who deserve our attention – returns for series 2. Presented by Jennifer Higgie, guests include the artists Sonia Boyce, Amalia Pica and Sally Smart; the filmmaker Mark Cousins; the musician Alison Goldfrapp; potter Magdalene Odundo; curator and fashion designer Duro Olowu and the legendary feminist art-historian Griselda Pollock.


Brilliantly , she has included my song 'Wishbone' off 'Soon Will Be Tomorrow' as the podcasts theme music.

Available here music

Bow Down Jennifer Higgie !




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